xanas_girlx (xanas_girlx) wrote in michigan_ana,

ugh help....

i just joined this site and group, but not new to ana. i live in delton. ummm, i need some tips or whatever, some sites, and like hellp or whatever so i can stay on track with ana. i dont know if this site is still used, but if it is, then email me : javaras04@aol.com . or something.
right now... im huge, because i just got out of jail, and they dont let you do anything, and they force fed me there since i had an eating "disorder" in the past, so i gained like 20 pounds. im a very heavy person. i know no one will believe me, but im about 260. i know, whopping!!!! but last summer i weighed 375 lbs, and from ana i lost 115 lbs, and i dont know if i have the strength to do it again. like i asked, please help.

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