xanas_girlx (xanas_girlx) wrote in michigan_ana,

ugh help....

i just joined this site and group, but not new to ana. i live in delton. ummm, i need some tips or whatever, some sites, and like hellp or whatever so i can stay on track with ana. i dont know if this site is still used, but if it is, then email me : javaras04@aol.com . or something.
right now... im huge, because i just got out of jail, and they dont let you do anything, and they force fed me there since i had an eating "disorder" in the past, so i gained like 20 pounds. im a very heavy person. i know no one will believe me, but im about 260. i know, whopping!!!! but last summer i weighed 375 lbs, and from ana i lost 115 lbs, and i dont know if i have the strength to do it again. like i asked, please help.

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Cold water, black coffee, lots of vitamins. If you go on a fast, try not to eat anything at all for the first day or two or you'll just want more food. And of course don't starve yourself to the point of becoming sickly. Intersperse fasting with periods of eating moderate, healthy food. And make sure to get some exercise. Exercise will actually make you smaller, not larger. Good luck!